Help rebuild a nation in need

When natural disasters strike and armed conflicts break, these hit countries like Pakistan on a very hard way. It affects communities and millions of people. This is where compassionate humanitarian activities plays a major role. It helps people save their lives and reduce their surfing during the worst possible time of their lives. The aids are also created to improve the environment and make it safe for them.

Lots of compassionate NGO’s and various humanitarian organization like the Dawood Foundation, which is led by Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood have worked tirelessly to make aid available in times of need. These aids should be provided when in need, with the ultimate goal of saving a human life and by relieving them from the suffering. It should be assessable for the affected and for those that need it the most. It should reach the most uncommon destinations. And it should be proven to have an impact. It should finally provide a key to sustainable development of the affect area and people.

This why Pakistan is a classic example of why effective humanitarian assistance is required.  There have been a lot of NGO’s and governmental activities to improve the living conditions of the people and provide financial support. But most of these supports have been primarily on activities related to the initial response phase but less attention is given to factors such as rehabilitation, recovery and preparedness. The fact here is that sustainable measures are expensive and it is a work in progress. It requires a lot of resources.

Along with this the organization should also have a rapid response system. Funds should be collected as soon as possible, food and shelter should reach immediately. Supplies such as other amenities should also be assessable for those in need the most. For this the organization should work tirelessly and be 100% committed. The Dawood foundation is one such organization which has decades of experience in doing both. It is an organization that is committed for people and prioritize serving people.

When you choose the right humanitarian organization to work with, it should provide both efficient and effective assistance to the people in need. Along with making efforts when it comes to recovery and rehabilitation. This requires the organization to have improved collaboration, coordination, cooperation and communication with stakeholders like you. The approach will be long term and it should focus on prioritizing and identifying interventions. Those that are based along of shared commitment and vision. Which is to improve the quality of life and also to mitigate immediate response on any disaster.



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