Benefits of using safety hand gloves

These disposable nitrile gloves basically offers a super performance when it comes for variety of work applications and environments. There are many benefits in using a nitrile glove. Below are some of the benefits one might get by using a proper nitrile glove at your work place.

It’s puncture resistant

These gloves are quiet and strong.  These gloves are much stronger than any latex gloves. These kind of gloves are mainly used in medical industry, since they work with a lot of equipment’s as well as medicines. These gloves are quiet durable too. Certain gloves comes with powder, but you can also opt for nitrile gloves that are basically powder free so that you can avoid the messiness that  you get by using a powdered glove.

Chemical Resistance nitrile gloves

These gloves also provide a string barrier of protection against chemicals as well. Since these cleanroom nitrile gloves Singapore are basically made out of synthetic rubber and its engineered to have a very high resistance for any harmful acids, or even chemicals compared to any latex gloves. These kind of benefits make these gloves disposable and mostly used in any industries.

Hypo- allergenic gloves

A lot of people might come acrossallergy by using latex gloves and most of the people have converted using the nitrile gloves. However these gloves won’t only protect you from having allergy, but any other patient or any client who will come across in contact with these gloves. These nitrile gloves are durable, safe and strong and can withstand and hazards that will arise in medical industries or any other industries.

These gloves are form fitting

If any pair of gloves fits your hand, it increases the flexibility as well the comfort while working. However nitrile gloves easily fits and conforms your hand. Even if you are to use a thicker nitrile gloves, it will still conform your hand as body heat warms up.

Nitrile gloves has lower resistance of friction

These disposable nitrile gloves are basically manufacture with a coating that will basically reduce the gloves resistance to friction.  However certain nitrile gloves that has powdered coating will help to absorb any extra moisture that’s in the glove. The polymer coatings have a pretty slick finishing in the glove which basically makes it easy to put and remove the glove off from your hand.

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