Creating Wealth the Feng Shui Way

It’s true. Money isn’t everything and certainly cannot buy happiness. But sometimes when you’re extremely stressed out with work and there’s so many bills piling up,  that desk job or that part time job you’re occupying yourself with, day and night just to feed you family feels like it’s never enough. Hard work undoubtedly pays off and true wealth will be a result of it, but it never hurts to resort to simpler ways right? Read below for tips on how feng shui can invite more wealth and abundance into your life.

Check The Front Door.                              

You can use your front door to naturally attract money to your house. It’s simple. Your front door determinesthe kind of energy that will flow through your house so by keeping your front area or the entry way clean and fresh, enables the flow of energy to be smooth, resembling the flow of water. Try maintaining the garden more often than usual, grow more plants and don’t let the weeds overgrow. Also, clear anything that’s blocking the entryway, from shoe racks to broken pots. And make sure the door isn’t rattling or squeaking, and is firm and sturdy.

Repair And Declutter.

Not just the doorway, but any area that’s looking like a large pile of mess. Clutter can easily allow negativity, so keep corners clean, remove anything you think is unnecessary and taking up a lot of space. If there’s a large amount of clutter present in your house, it can neither attract nor retain the energy of wealth. It also applies to things that bring negative vibes or memories that you don’t want to reignite. Fixing broken taps and throwing away the cracked plates might also have an effect on attracting energy that would attract wealth.

Display Wealth Symbols.

This is just another effortless way to incorporate Feng shui methods in order to increase and attract wealth to your home or workplace. All what you’ve got do is display feng shui symbols of wealth wherever possible. Transfer all the coins to a transparent glass bowl if you’ve stored them in an opaque jar. The rule is to not take money from it and keep adding more to it. This will symbolize that you want your money to keep growing. Google search feng shui crystal ball Singapore and buy it to use it as an ornament, or decorate your home or workplace with a feng shui aquarium to increase wealth.

Keep Water Elements.

It’s a traditional belief that adding water Elements to your house can bring an abundance of wealth to your house as water is ideally an ancient symbol of abundance. You can hang wall arts or sceneries that displace waterfalls and other smooth flow of water and other symbols that represents fountains. Discover where your money area is and place a real fountain there no matter how small it is as fountains are said to be a powerful feng shui cure. A smooth water flow will enable you to attract wealth energy and fresh chi hence make sure you don’t display disturbing images like storms.  However, keep in mind that keeping water element in your bedroom can have a negative impact on your income and finances.

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