How to choose your exhibition stand supplier?

You might find it difficult to find the right contractor for the next exhibition where you cannot have to worry about the supplies falling apart. When you do a quick Google search you will find many suppliers that offer the same type of service. But the biggest question is how will you decide which one is the best one?

When you are looking for an exhibition stand you need to ensure that the service and the standard of the stand is up to high standard. When you know how a better designer, produced and delivered stand is created this will ensure that you know what you are going to be paying for. This is why you need to go through and find out more information about each and every exhibition booth design & contractor Singapore based.

What do you need?

The first thing you need to decide upon is what you need. This is based on the type of exhibition you will be attending and also you need to check on the space that is available. Remember that space is vital and you need to ensure that anything and everything you have can be placed in the space you pay for. Getting some help to help you set up is an advantage because then you do not have to do the work all alone.

Stand design

Each and every stand will try their best to attract the public and therefore the way that they make the stand will differ from one to another. You will need to do a little bit research as to how you can make yours stand out in comparison to the common methods that other exhibitionist use. 


Once you decide on the design you will need to find someone who can specialise and customise it based on your requirement. There are many suppliers who might promise you the moon and stars and deliver the complete opposite, which will make you upset and leave your stand looking horrendous. The stands need to be build efficiently and should be a be easily installed and dismantled. You cannot have the standing quite some time to set up.


The stand will essential graphics. Using modern printing techniques you will be able to print and install any images and graphics that you require with high quality.


Once the exhibition stands are designed, remember that you will need to transport them to the location of the exhibition. This is a critical stage because while transporting if something happens to the stand, you might not be able to actually take part in the exhibition. Ensure that correct vehicles and measures are taken during transporting.

It is simple as that!

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